Our February Update


We all know February is the month of love, and this is the theme of our February update and promotion. You all know how passionate I am about supporting local businesses and charities, with this in mind I have a very special and different promotion for the whole of February.

Instead of giving a discount for a week, as usual, This month I have decided that I am going to donate 10% of my total takings (yes TOTAL not just profit like most places) and convert it into food and Items required by Bread of Life Food Bank. This is your chance to help your local community and people in need with no cost to yourself.

Last month alone the food bank received 246 referrals and helped 420 people, that’s over 13 people every single day!!

I know I also have a lot of local small business owners who use my services and if you would like to donate please get in touch. Also, I am also looking for a taxi driver/company to donate a journey each week to help drop the items off.

For any more information on the promotion or to book a repair call 0191 4270857. Message our facebook page The Tech Surgery or use the contact form here.