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 Design and Build Your Own Computer

Here at The Tech Surgery we can help and guide you to design and build your own computer.

Using our custom computer builder below makes the process so simple by only showing you compatible components.

Follow our suggestions below to design your dream computer then once you save it and get a quote reference use the contact form at the bottom and one of our specialists will check your plans, and then add it to our website for you to purchase.

How to use our system builder

  1. We recommend choosing your Processor first, once you have this selected it will then only show compatible components.
  2. Next, Choose a Motherboard
  3. And then add RAM
  4. Wanting a Graphics card? Now is the time to add it.
  5. Now pick your Hard Drive, SSD or Both.
  6. Optical Drive? not a problem nows the time to add it.
  7. Ok, so its time to wrap it all up by choosing your shiny new Case and Power Supply.
  8. The final part of your build is to decide on any extra products such as Keyboards, Mice, Monitors and Case Mods you require.
  9. Finally, once you save your quote use the contact form at the bottom and our team will check your build, confirm you have not missed anything then if you want to go ahead with the purchase add the build to our website for purchase and send you the link.

If you are unsure at any stage or have any questions you can Email, use Live Chat or Phone us for support.

  • Processors
  • Graphics Cards
  • RAM
  • Motherboards
  • Hard Drives / SSD
  • Cases
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Monitors
  • Input Devices
  • Power Supplies
  • Gaming Components
  • Software
  • AMD
  • Intel
  • Gigabyte
  • Asus
  • Foxconn

Online System Builder

You can us the following link to create your perfect system on our online system builder.

Quotation Contact Form

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