Games Console Repairs

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Fast and efficient games console repairs at budget prices for all makes and models of games consoles including Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo and retro consoles.

I can undertake all aspects of games console repairs from hard drive failures to damaged HDMI ports and software issues. I can also resolve controller and peripheral issues.

Please note Games console repairs can require up to a week turnaround for some repairs as they require specialist repairs (see price guide)

Xbox Games Console Repairs

As a Microsoft registered partner, I can provide the highest quality repairs to your Xbox equipment.

Xbox HDMI Port£65.00Micro Specialist
Xbox Hard Drive£50.00*In House
Xbox Disk Drive£45.00*In House
Xbox Software Repair£25.00In House
Xbox Controller Repair£15.00*In House
Xbox repair prices are subject to change
*prices from

PlayStation Repairs

PlayStations are our most common repairs with the majority of their repair requests being for the HDMI port. All the HDMI ports we carry out are sent to a specialist micro-solderer to ensure you only receive the highest of quality repairs.

PlayStation Hard Drive£50.00*In House
PlayStation HDMI Port£55.00Micro Specialist
PlayStation Disk Drive£45.00*In House
PlayStation Software Repair£25.00In House
PlayStation Controller Repair£15.00*In House
Prices are subject to change.
*from price

Retro and other consoles

Here at The Tech Surgery I also work on all other makes of both modern and retro games consoles.

Unfortunately, there are too many to list all services and the prices for these are constantly changing so please send us a message or call for your own tailored quote.

A brief list of other consoles I work on includes:

Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo Switch
Game Boy
Mega Drive
Master System
Commodore 64 GS

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I went through the tech guy to have the screen repaired on my iPhone 8+ . Fixed in no time and for a very reasonable price - half of what the Apple store want! Phone now in working order and no issues . Would highly recommend !

Christina Veitch

Local Customer
Very helpful, honest and knowledgable. Stripped and diagnosed my phone for me there and then with no fuss and experienced hands.

Chris A Ovington

Local Customer