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iPhone and iPad repairs are the most common repairs I carry out.

At The Tech Surgery, I have been repairing and working on iPhones and iPads since the iPhone 3 and have amassed an immense knowledge of the different problems they can encounter.

We do not use the cheap Chinese or Ebay screens for any of my iPhone and iPad screen repairs, all the parts I use are sourced from registered UK trade suppliers and all my repairs come with a full warranty against parts defect.

From a broken iPhone or iPad screen to a popped battery or damaged charge port, you can be sure I can get you sorted out.

Does your iPhone or iPad suffer from any of the following? If so I can sort you out

  • iPhone or iPad broken or cracked screen
  • iPhone or iPad not charging
  • iPhone or iPad touchscreen not working or jumping
  • iPhone or iPad camera not working
  • iPhone or iPad battery dying at random percentages

Below is a guide to repair prices, please note these prices are subject to change and a full quote will be provided before the repair is carried out. You can download a copy of our featured prices flyer Feb 2018 prices updated

iPhone and iPad Repair Prices

iPhone 4 / 4s Screen£25.00
iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c Screen£25.00
iPhone 6 Screen£35.00
iPhone 6 Plus Screen£50.00
iPhone 6s Screen£50.00
iPhone 6s Plus Screen£55.00
iPhone 7 Screen£55.00
iPhone 7 Plus Screen£60.00
iPhone 8 Screen£70.00
iPhone 8 Plus Screen£75.00
iPad 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Digitizer£25.00
iPad Air Digitizer£35.00
iPad Mini 1 / 2 Digitizer£35.00
iPad LCD Screens£P.O.R
iPhone Batteries 4-6£20.00
iPhone 6+ / 6s /6s+ Batteries£25.00
iPhone 7 / 7+ / 8 /8+ Batteries£30.00
iPhone Charge Ports (up to iPhone 7)£25.00
iPhone 7 and above charge ports£35.00
Table of prices for popular iPad and iPhone repairs. This is just a limited example of prices and services, please contact us if you can't see your part listed </br>

Please note the home buttons with touch ID would lose the touch ID feature if you required them to be changed. At the current time, it is impossible to change the home buttons on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8

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  • iPhone 4 Screen Repair
  • iPhone 4s Screen Repair
  • iPhone 5 Screen Repair
  • iPhone 5c Screen Repair
  • iPhone 5s Screen Repair
  • iPhone SE Screen Repair
  • iPhone 6 Screen Repair
  • iPhone 6s Screen Repair
  • iPhone 6+ Screen Repair
  • iPhone 6s+ Screen Repair
  • iPhone 7 Screen Repair
  • iPhone 7+ Screen Repair
  • iPhone 8 Screen Repair
  • iPhone 8+ Screen Repair
  • iPhone Charge Port Repair
  • iPhone Battery Repair
  • iPhone Camera Repair
  • iPhone Frame Repair
  • iPad 1 Digitizer Repair
  • iPad 2 Digitizer Repair
  • iPad 4 Digitizer Repair
  • iPad Air Digitizer Repair
  • iPad LCD Repair
I went through the tech guy to have the screen repaired on my iPhone 8+ . Fixed in no time and for a very reasonable price - half of what the Apple store want! Phone now in working order and no issues . Would highly recommend !

Christina Veitch

Local Customer
Very helpful, honest and knowledgable. Stripped and diagnosed my phone for me there and then with no fuss and experienced hands.

Chris A Ovington

Local Customer