Vintage Technology and how technology has developed.

In this #throwbackthursday we are going to take a walk down memory lane and look at some vintage technology and how it has developed and changed over the years.

1950's Hard Drive
1950’s Hard Drive

The Image to the left is an example of a late 1950’s 5Mb Hard Drive which cost a whopping $10,000 per Mb meaning for 1Gb of storage you are looking at $102,400, compare that to a modern 1tb (1000Gb) hard drive which costs around £50

This hard drive featured could at a push hold one or maybe 2 pictures taken on a modern smartphone in low resolution and would take hours to load the full image.

Imagine trying to use that in the modern times of social media and Instagram, I for one and glad this vintage technology has moved on.

Check the images below for some more retro technology images and old computer adverts. then if you are feeling brave and want to check out some modern tech and its equivalents take a look at our online shop.

Could you have survived with this tech? Let us know your thoughts.