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    Top Tech News That Makes You Say “Whoa!”: Top 3 Stories for Non-Techies

    The Rundown:

    The world of tech can move faster than a hummingbird with a jetpack, leaving us regular folks feeling a little confused.But fear not, knowledge seekers! Today, we’re diving into the top 3 tech headlines that are sure to make you say “whoa!” – even if you wouldn’t know a CPU from a USB drive (hint: they’re both important parts of your computer!).

    1. Music Made to Order: AI Composes Scores for Your Videos!

    Imagine this: you’re editing a hilarious home video of your cat, but just can’t find the perfect background music. Well, fret no more! Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), a new tool can now create custom soundtracks based on your video footage! No musical training required – just tell the AI what kind of mood you’re going for (think suspenseful thriller or lighthearted comedy), and it whips up a unique score. Pretty cool, right?

    article about AI music generation ON Wired

    2. Self-Driving Cars: Taking the Wheel (or Not!) of the Future?

    Self-driving cars have been the stuff of science fiction for decades, but they’re inching closer to reality. Companies are developing cars that can navigate roads with minimal human input, raising all sorts of questions. Will they make traffic jams a thing of the past? Will they be super safe? While there are still challenges to overcome, self-driving cars are definitely a technology to keep an eye on.

    3. Smart Cities: Turning Towns into Tech Titans!

    Cities around the world are embracing technology to improve the lives of their residents. Imagine traffic lights that adjust to ease congestion, or garbage cans that tell sanitation workers when they’re full! These are just a few examples of “smart city” initiatives. By using sensors, data, and even AI, cities are aiming to be more efficient, sustainable, and just plain awesome.

    So there you have it! Three tech tidbits that prove the future is pretty darn fascinating. And remember, even if you’re not a tech whiz, these advancements can have a big impact on our everyday lives. So, stay curious, and keep an eye out for the next “whoa!” moment in the world of tech!

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