Controller Charging Station for Xbox One X/S & Series X/S


Charge two Xbox controllers simultaneously with Dobe’s charging station. Includes dual base, 800mAh battery packs, and covers for Xbox One S/X, Series X, and Elite controllers.

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1.Battery pack capacity: 800mAh;

2.Product size: 139mm*63mm*36mm;

3.Set includes Dual charge base + Battery pack +X one S/X Battery rear cover +Xbox Series X battery rear cover;

4. Range: Suitable for Xbox One S, Xbox One X controller or Xbox Series X controller, Elite controller;

5. When the dual charging base of this product charges the battery pack on the controller, the indicator light of the corresponding charging slot lights up (blue light). According to the residual power of the battery pack on the controller, the normal charging time is about 2-4H;

6. This product can charge two controllers with battery packs installed at the same time; 7. When charging the controller through this product, the battery pack configured with this product + the battery cover of the corresponding model must be used; 8. Accessories: 1 double charging base, 1 charging cable, 2 battery packs, 2PCS of two types of battery rear cover;

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Weight.5 kg
Dimensions10 × 8 × 8 cm


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