Dobe – Controller Charging Dock for PlayStation 5


Dobe PS5 Controller Charging Dock (Green) – Designed for PS5/DualSense Edge controllers. Features intelligent charging chip, indicator light (blue for standby/full, breathing orange for charging), and stable charging.


Designed specifically for PS5/PS5 DualSense Edge game controller


Built-in intelligent charging control chip with an indicator light to show the charging status of the controller


It can charge for PS5/PS5 DualSense Edge game controller stably


Charging indicator light: standby/full charge: blue light, charging: breathing orange light (9 seconds/cycle)




When the power for PS5/PS5 DualSense Edge controller reaches about 80% or higher if the controller is removed and then plugged in, the controller may not be able to charge due to the battery protection function; only the controller’s power is lower than 80%, it can be charged.

Additional information

Weight.5 kg
Dimensions15 × 10 × 8 cm





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