M3 Mobile Phone Dual Gaming Trigger


Mobile game trigger for precision shooting on iPhone & Android phones. Ergonomic design, vibration feedback, turbo function, customizable combo frequency.

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Easy Trigger, Easy Win

You can move, turn, aim and shoot by pressing trigger button of the mobile gaming controller to greatly increase the success of the game. Mini-sized mobile controller is equipped with 75mAh battery, and with the ultra-low power consumption design, it can be used for a week with moderate use when the motor is turned off. *Please lock screen before installing trigger on the phone.

Performance-X Turbo Function

Turbo button of mobile game trigger can record the double and triple click frequency to technically ensure violent firepower. With the function of hand-speed recording and zooming, you can customize the frequency of real-life combo recording of N shots per second according to your habits. Enjoy the output at 2x/3x speed with one click.

Built-in Vibration Motor

The mobile triggers is built-in a fast vibration motor, triggering the button to immediately receive intensive vibration feedback. Bring a better FPS gaming experience. *Please preferentially use the in-game vibration of the mobile phone for PUBG Mobile, and other FPS games can only turn on the vibration of the handle. *Vibration can be set on or off by simultaneously pressing “Trigger” and “FN” buttons.

Devices and Games Supported

Gaming trigger is compatible with iPhone and Android Phones with the screen size of within 6.5 inches, maximum width of 89mm, thickness of 18mm. cod mobile controller is designed with rotary electrode design that just simply sticks to the screen of the mobile phone stably without damaging the screen or screen protector. Support games of PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Fortnite Mobile and other shooting mobile games.

Ergonomics Design&100% Satisfaction

You can free to install and use the trigger regardless of left and right hands with ergonomic streamlined structure, trigger-type fire button. What you have for the PUBG mobile trigger? 1*Gaming Trigger, 1*User Manual.

  • Record custom combo frequency to prevent being detected as machine clicks
  • Single shot and combo double button design: shooting/throwing thunder is correct, switching the sniper rifle is not used to switch back to the combo mode
  • Mini Vibration Motor: Vibrate the gun and enhance button feedback
This mobile gaming trigger is perfect for those who want to increase their success in shooting mobile games. With easy-to-use trigger buttons, built-in vibration motor, and a turbo function, you can customize your gameplay and enjoy a better FPS gaming experience. The trigger is compatible with iPhone and Android phones and supports popular shooting mobile games such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile. The ergonomic design allows for comfortable use regardless of left or right-handedness. Plus, with its custom combo frequency recording feature, you can prevent being detected as a machine clicker. Overall, this gaming trigger is a must-have for any mobile gamer looking to up their game.

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